Created in the year 1980, Moods Agarbathies, was the introductory offering in the living space fragrances segment by Cycle PureMoods Incense has a sweet layered scent that is lush, opulent and truly e..

Sugandha Mallika


Inspired by the spiritual connection and divine aroma, the Queen of Fragrances – aptly named as Sugandha Mallika Agarbathies, is an intricately entwined opulent blend of three most sought after variet..



The authentic earthy notes of fresh green meadows, the alluring smell of the silky cool evening breeze and the mystic woody fragrance of festal fires - the best of this divine hour has been captured i..

Honey Rose


Honey Rose Agarbathies emit a unique aroma infused with the sheer beauty of rose and velvety honey. The combination adds a softness to the incense and accentuates rose at the heart of the fragrance. T..

Morning Glory


Nothing in the world is as beautiful as the dewy stillness of dawn. And nothing is as fresh as this pack of Morning Glory Agarbathies. A fragrance that invigorates you every minute with its stirring f..

Natya Kesari


Natya Kesari Agarbathies, an early and classic incense is a combination of aromatic elements that gives an extremely subtle, slightly sweet scent. The traditional fragrance adds a mystic charm and lif..

Popular Cosmatiq


Adorn your home with Popular Cosmatiq Agarbathies for an intense and pleasant feeling of freshness. The innocent and balmy scent surrounds you with a sensation of comfort and care. It offers a cuddly ..

Popular Flavarz


The intense fragrance of Popular Flavarz Agarbathies is bursting with the aroma of floral bouquet. The heady scent narrates the story of the blooming flowers from the lively garden. The intoxicating f..

Popular Parfum


The perfume like aroma of Popular Parfum Agarbathies gives you a feeling of freshness, which not only brightens your day but makes the entire house smell clean and pure. The aroma is sweet and splendi..



The classic scent of the fragrant Mysore Sandalwood is captured in Sandalum Agarbathies from Cycle Pure. Mysuru, the land of royalty, grandeur and splendour is also home to precious Sandalwood the “Ro..

Three in One 19" Long


A flagship product by Cycle Pure, Cycle Three in One Agarbathies is an exquisite amalgamation of love, devotion and prosperity. Fragrances that define the simplicity of life. A pack of Cycle Three in ..

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