Created in the year 1980, Moods Agarbathies, was the introductory offering in the living space fragrances segment by Cycle PureMoods Incense has a sweet layered scent that is lush, opulent and truly e..

Sugandha Mallika


Inspired by the spiritual connection and divine aroma, the Queen of Fragrances – aptly named as Sugandha Mallika Agarbathies, is an intricately entwined opulent blend of three most sought after variet..



The authentic earthy notes of fresh green meadows, the alluring smell of the silky cool evening breeze and the mystic woody fragrance of festal fires - the best of this divine hour has been captured i..

Golden Flora


Inspired by the mythical golden flower, Golden Flora Incense possesses a heady scent that draws us in. The sweet, powdery aroma brings in the tropical essence and induces the feeling of relaxation and..

Honey Rose


Honey Rose Agarbathies emit a unique aroma infused with the sheer beauty of rose and velvety honey. The combination adds a softness to the incense and accentuates rose at the heart of the fragrance. T..



Inspired by the Mysore Jasmine flower, Lia Jas Agarbathies, is entwined with love and spirituality. Jasmine is the most desirable offering to the divine since the time of yore in the Indian culture.Th..



A blend of Sandalwood, floral extracts, herbs and spices, Good Luck Javadhu Agarbathies create a clean and calm atmosphere in your home and surroundings. The soothing tender fragrance with mild woody ..

Jugalbandhi Celebration (3 Ft)


When two distinctive forms entwine the outcome is quintessential. Jugabandi Agarbathies is a beauteous blend of modern and traditional fragrances. Just as each artisan compliments the other in a duet ..



Turn your home into a retreat of tranquillity with Good Luck Kasturi Agarbathies. This timeless classic is obtained from a blend of herbs and natural resins.Create a warm and soothing aura, with this ..



Good Luck Kewda Agarbathies brings you a deep and enchanting fragrance of this seasonal flowers that will purify your surroundings throughout the year. The incense Stick has a sweet and fruity scent t..



Create a soothing atmosphere and rejuvenate your senses, take yourself on a mystical journey with Lia Lavenderz Agarbathies. Suffuse your surroundings with the delicate powdery scent of Lavender which..



The delicately sweet scent of the Lilium is captured in Lia Lilium Agarbathies, creating an ambience so serene and sublime that transcends your surroundings to a sea of tranquillity. The eternal beaut..

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