Abhyanga Thaila | Massage Oil (100 ml)


For Body MassageIngredient :Tila Taila, Goumutra, Goumaya Rasa, Ajamoda Satva, PacchakarpuraDirection for use :Massage over bidy 30 min prior to bath...

Bilvasara (450 ML)


Hypertension, Diabetes, Insomnia, Anxiety.Ingredient :Goumutra of Desi Cows, Bilva Pathra, Sarpagndha, Jatamamsi, Tagara,Dosage :Two tsp with water in the empty stomach twice daily or as prescribed by..

Dantha Manjan


Keeps teeth white and gums strong, soothes toothache , prevent bad odour.Ingredient :Saindhava Lavana, Karpoora, Gomaya Bhasma, Maricha, Samudra Lavana, Amalaki Choorna, Ajamoda Choorna, Lavanaga..



Gou-Clean Phenyl clens your house in the way it should be cleaned - The NAtural Way. Distilled Desi cow urine acts as a Natural Anti Microbial Agent. Pine Essential Oil has antibacterial pro..

Jumbo Mosquito Coil


DescriptionDesi cow dung and herbs based Mosquito Repellent Coil. Made from 100% Natural Ingredients. No chemicals or pesticides added. Low smoke and more power. Up to 12 hours protection. No harmful ..

Nirmalganga | Neem Tulsi Ayurvedic Soap


Antibacterial and antifungal properties of neem, tulsi and panchagavya keeps skin healthy. Powerful purifying properties of neem and tulsi gives beautiful glow to skin. Skin will be free fro..



Made by Desi Cow dung. Rich in organic carbon and contains all essential plant nutrients in appropriate proportions. Promote plant growth and fight plant diseases. Enhances soil fertility and improves..

Triguna Vibhuti


Traditional preparedContains puree Desi cows goumaya and goumutra.No chemicals and no added colour and flavour..

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