About Us

About Us

Pureshop.com is a marketplace for spiritual and religious products, publications etc.  This eCommerce marketplace has been developed with an simple idea of providing an opportunity for vendors offering products in the religious and spiritual domain. 

We provide the platform for vendors to register and showcase their products for direct marketing.  All vendors and products listed on the marketplace is thoroughly vetted and approved prior to the offering.  The vendors range from small businesses selling puja kits, puja wares to religious mutts and institutions offering prasadam, religious books, speciality Ayurveda products, religious food catering and many more services.

Pureshop.com is built on a standard eCommerce technology platform with all required security, integrated with payment gateways with a cart solution. Our platform is supported by a dedicated Customer support team to handle all kinds of customer and vendor queries.

We provide a unique platform for vendors to register on our platform for free and advertise their products on our mobiles apps, websites and social media sites for a small fee. The products can be advertised on ‘Pureprayer’, an app (and web) dedicated for all temple, purohit, seva and puja services.


Pureshop.com is a product of Spiritual Products Pvt. Ltd, Mysore.